Mobile Opens Hit 51%

Mobile usage continues to rise at the expense of Desktop/PC

51% of Email opens are now from Mobile Devices

It’s official, Litmus recently released its results from November 2013, showing that 51% of consumers are using their mobile phone to open/read email as opposed to using their desktop computer or Webmail.

I wrote about this last year: Is Your Marketing Campaign Optimized for the Mobile Revolution? At the time iPhone usage was the number 1 device, and only 33% of customers used mobile to open/read email. What does this latest report mean? Well if you are just starting to think about your mobile customers, you are a little behind. Not to worry because many are in the same boat.

Here are my takeaways/thoughts from this Litmus report (The full post from Litmus can be found here )

  • Responsive Design is still in it’s infancy, and not perfect since media queries are not used by all. That being said, it’s a great start. There are many free responsive templates available on the web today where you can jump start your building your frame work
  • Android has surpassed Apple for the #3 Spot. This is huge in my opinion because we have seen  a very slow decline in Apple innovation since summer 2011 with the release of the iPhone 4s. Apple has a very loyal customer base, with a minimal churn rate (today). It wasn’t that long ago where Apple was head and shoulders above the competition.  The Google/Samsung alliance has been chipping away, from Litmus: “While Android opens are hard to track due to automatic image blocking, sales of Android smartphones have continued to outpace other platforms. Gartner reports that 82% of smartphones sales in Q3 were for Android devices, compared to 12% for iOS.”
  • What about eCommerce? The latest results from Litmus focuses on email engagement and device usage which makes me wonder how Retailers and other commerce companies are handling this radical shift to mobile. User experience on the web has always been a challenge, and while many sites may have “Responsive Design”, I really haven’t see many in the eCommerce world provide that great experience. Especially for retail.

I look forward to December’s results.

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