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Best Practices for Optimizing landing pages for conversion

Is Your Marketing Campaign Optimized for the Mobile Revolution?

Responsive Design
The tablet & Mobile revolution is already here, is your content designed for these devices?

How do you deliver consistent, high quality digital experiences across desktop and mobile channels? Customers are already choosing mobile devices as their #1 choice to surf the web and read email. Is your content Optimized?

In the 2012 we saw the iPhone ( 23%) surpass Outlook (16%) as the number 1 tool used to render email. More information on these stats below.

Marketers can no longer avoid optimizing for mobile when creating their marketing campaign. This goes back to basics in designing for Customer Experience. The biggest challenge/obstacle  I’ve seen with implementing this approach is the excuse of “There are too many devices to design for”, and “We don’t have the bandwidth/resources to create all these versions!”.  What is the answer and how do you get there?

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Ion’s Top 5 Landing Page Metrics

Landing Page KPI's from Ion

The 5 Landing Page Metrics you need to know from the Ion Interactive Blog

Having landing pages has become a standard part of Marketing campaigns for both Offline (Print – via a vanity URL) and online promotions. The purpose of the landing page is to present the offer in a clear way, eliminating all the noise so that it’s easy for your customer to convert.

When designing the landing page for a campaign, discussions of “Where the call to action is placed?“, “Is the call to action clear?” and “What is above and below the fold?” are common aspects of the design phase before launching their campaigns. So what happens once the campaign is live? How are you measuring the success of the landing page itself? Hopefully success is defined before the page goes live so you will know if the campaign is successful or not… before it’s over!

If you don’t know what success looks like, Ion Interactive provided this great, updated info-graphic that talks about the top 5 Landing page metrics you should know. Not only does it cover their top 5 metrics, but they also include some best practices too!

These are the top 5 Landing Page Metrics Ion says you should know:

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