Mobile Opens Hit 51%

Mobile usage continues to rise at the expense of Desktop/PC

51% of Email opens are now from Mobile Devices

It’s official, Litmus recently released its results from November 2013, showing that 51% of consumers are using their mobile phone to open/read email as opposed to using their desktop computer or Webmail.

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Is Your Marketing Campaign Optimized for the Mobile Revolution?

Responsive Design
The tablet & Mobile revolution is already here, is your content designed for these devices?

How do you deliver consistent, high quality digital experiences across desktop and mobile channels? Customers are already choosing mobile devices as their #1 choice to surf the web and read email. Is your content Optimized?

In the 2012 we saw the iPhone ( 23%) surpass Outlook (16%) as the number 1 tool used to render email. More information on these stats below.

Marketers can no longer avoid optimizing for mobile when creating their marketing campaign. This goes back to basics in designing for Customer Experience. The biggest challenge/obstacle  I’ve seen with implementing this approach is the excuse of “There are too many devices to design for”, and “We don’t have the bandwidth/resources to create all these versions!”.  What is the answer and how do you get there?

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Welcome To Data Driven Marketing Ideas!

Celebrating the launch of DataDrivenMarketingIdeas Website

   Hello everyone, and welcome to the Data Driven Marketing Ideas website. With over 3 years in the making it has been a very long journey to get here. While I consider the website launched, please be patient while I iron out any bugs that may pop up the next few weeks. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think and or have ideas for improvements.

What is this site about and how often do I plan to publish?

This site’s purpose is to provide ideas about how data can be used to drive business decisions. I’ll cover all aspects of digital marketing as well as some of the traditional tactics.  I’ll be interviewing thought leaders in the [Read more…]

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